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Dirks Piano Tuner V4 0 13 !!BETTER!!

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And I declare you the winner!
Now to the museum of the history of your home!!!
Museum of your business history
In 2015, we are announcing a national competition within the framework of the Museum of the History of Your Future project in order to develop practical activities and involve all interested residents in the educational process.
Objectives of the competition: to promote the growth of the activity of citizens in the active development and preservation of their creative potential; to form in the younger generation an interest in the culture of their country and the world around them; to cultivate a sense of pride in the artistic, musical, historical and local history heritage of their Fatherland; patriotic consciousness of the population; drawing attention to the preservation of living memory of great events, heroes and personalities; create conditions for the realization of personal potential and the development of creative abilities of students in the field of musical and aesthetic development.
Regulations on the competition Calendar of events
Official site of the project "Learn to learn" "Family actions in the Krasnoyarsk Territory"
Official page of the project "The Future of Siberia" Blog of the editor-in-chief "Vremya Krasnoyarye" Information about the project Expert Council of the competition Media sponsors of the competition
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